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Fat Loss Made Simple


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Find out what it truly takes to be successful when it comes to fat loss. Are you tired of constantly yo-yo dieting? Are you done with feeling self conscious about your body? Are you frustrated because you’re not seeing results? If you can relate then this book is for you. You can absolutely achieve the body you want without the need for fad diets or buying into expensive gimmicks.

We already know that in order to see results we must eat better and move more yet many women still struggle. Why is that?  Vanessa delves into some of the biggest barriers that prevent women from seeing changes and reaching their fitness goals.

If you are looking for real and practical ways that you can implement straight away then make sure you get your copy today.


5 start reviews

“Loved it! So relatable, definitely going to take some tips from this book to get my focus back and hopefully build a better version of me…..Without comparison and without self judgement! Women are so cruel to themselves”  Stacey Qulech


“The ideal book if your a woman looking to start training or your training and it’s not going as well as planned. Gives you enough explanation of each factor that will help you towards your goals without drowning you in dull science.
This would be become May starting point book of advice I suggest to female friends about training.”